From a Coaches Perspective: Stress

A thought on stress…

In a nutshell, stress is stress – no matter whether it’s from exercise or from lifestyle, and the more stress you’re placing on yourself from your lifestyle, the less stress you’ll be able to place on yourself from exercise. – Ben Greenfield

Age groupers should work with their coach to manage their loads

- Be realistic about your goals and time availability each week for training and other non negotiable tasks

- Plan each week in advance

- Plug in non negotiable work commitments, family commitments and sleep first

- Look for time pockets in each week where you are available to train and plug your key sessions in first

- In days and weeks of high stress train a little easier and a little shorter to accommodate for this

- Remember, for most of us training is a hobby that we enjoy and should be something we do for fun… keep it that way!

Jamie Edwards

ETPA Triathlon Coach