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Stroke Correction Program

Intensive Swimming Stroke Correction Program

This extensive six hour program is especially designed to improve swimming fundamentals including: confidence, body position, hand entry/exit, as well as; stroke efficiency, awareness and technique.

The program is best suited to those who want to improve their swimming, but feel a squad environment does not fit their current needs.

The program offers intense help and carefully selected drills that cater best to the individual’s needs in a small group lesson. Lessons especially focus on giving immediate feedback in a positive environment.

Throughout the program your freestyle stroke will be broken down to its most basic format including recovery, catch, 1st and 2nd phases of the pull. When these individual skills are understood they will be brought together and correct sequencing of the “freestyle action” will be taught. We utilise a well developed learning strategy that enhances that speed you adopt new skills. It is anticipated that you may need to repeat the intensive program twice over a 12 month period to fully understand and develop appropriated skills/technique.


Specific Features

  • Full money-back guarantee – improved swimming ability or your money back
  • Drills designed to break the stroke down into key parts – catch, 1st and 2nd phases of the pull, and recovery
  • Specified drills to help the individual target their weaknesses
  • Open communication and immediate feedback throughout the session
  • Specific drills and learning tools are provided to each participant so learning and improvements can continue over time

The Coaches

Jamie Edwards is a seasoned Triathlete with the view of racing professionally in the next three years. He is a qualified exercise scientist, an ex-swim teacher and full time professional coach.

Mat Tippett is an ex-professional Triathlete, the director of ETPA, and has been swim coaching for 15 years.

What you can expect

Results from previous programs have seen students gain greater confidence in the water, an increase in self belief and improved technique and efficiency. This led to increased swimming ability, whilst training and racing, and a greater enjoyment of swimming. These satisfactions also led to them exceeding their previous expectations of their ability in the water.

Information is delivered in simple terms with questions encouraged to ensure students experience the best possible learning environment.


I really enjoyed your lessons; I am feeling a Lot stronger and more confident that I now have the tools to get quicker in the pool. I have already seen big improvements after previously seeing no improvement over the previous two months. Once again thanks for yours and Matts time and patience over the 4 weeks – Mat Thorley


Swimming was a chore before this class, I didn’t understand the drills and I never improved my speed. Now I look forward to every swim set because it’s got a purpose and I have a clear focus with sense of improvement. I’m even looking forward to open water this season and starting at the front of the bunch everytime! – Stuart Moore


See Mat in Action

View a sample of Mat’s coaching style at a previous stroke correction program. In this short clip Mat is describing the catch in detail: