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Specialist Providers

Specialist Providers

Elite Triathlon Performance Australia use and highly recommend these specialist service providers. They are world leaders in their respective fields and offer cutting edge information. They will see new patients on referral basis only, please contact ETPA to discuss first.


PhysiohealthPhysiohealth Logo

Sports physiotherapy & sports injury rehabilitation, manipulative physiotherapy, treatment & rehabilitation for workplace injuries, musculoskeletal screening, massage, pilates, customised exercise prescription, workplace assessment

249 Ballarat Road


VIC 3011


Phone: (03) 9317 8999

Fax: (03) 9318 9227





26 Coaching26Coaching

26 Coaching is one of our partner companies, they are based in Hong Kong. The Atomic number of Iron is 26 and its role is to carry oxygen in theblood to the muscles. 26 Coaching work with a diverse group of people ranging from Elite athletes to those trying to lose weight. They have put a special emphasis on their youth programme due to the lack of opportunity to participate in running and triathlon in Hong Kong.


E-mail: info@26coaching.com
Phone: +852 9579 6317
Address: 169 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Shane Hamill

Soft Tissue Therapist

120 West Fyans Street

Newtown, Geelong


Phone: (03) 5221 8220

Integrated Learning

Feldenkrais Practitioner and an NLP Master Trainer

Peter Dawson


Phone: (03) 5474 2812

Fresh Medicine

Kinesiologist and system therapist – Balancing systems for peak performancefreshmedicin

Janne Martinengo

346 Badger Creek Road Healesville, 3777

Phone: (03) 5962 2815