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ETPA All Schools Q&A:

Ashley Tonelli

1.   How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your  lead in?

Swimming 4 times a week, running and riding 3 times a week (each)

2.   What type of ride sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

A hard brick set would be riding 5 mins max on mag trainer then sprinting 400m, repeating 4-5 times

3.    What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?  

A track set example 2×200, 2×400 then 4×200, all at max. Plus warm up and cool down

4.   Tell us about your hardest training day?
Thursdays are the hardest as I have a hard track set in the morning, then a mag trainer session after school

5.   What does winning mean for you?             

I don’t think about winning, I just try my best each time and hope it gets me a win                           

6.   What is your biggest tip for other juniors leading into their first triathlon?

Don’t be scared!

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