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ETPA Coaching & Services

This page outlines our site based coaching program and our online coaching program. Click on the links to see a summary of each product or service.

We update this page regularly to reflect changes in the programs - please check it regularly.


Full Service Coaching – Head Coach Mat Tippett

Full Service Coaching – Assistant Coaches

Full Service Junior Triathlon and Multisport Coaching

Swim Squad

Stroke correction (group)

Stroke correction (individual)

Biomechanical Run Analysis Classes

Scientific Sports Testing - including: Vo2 max testing, Lactate profiling, Training Zone Identification and Analysis


$55.00 per week

$44.00 per week

$44.00 per week

$12.00 (multi-pass $95.00/month)

$280.00 per program

$130.00 per session

$90.00 per session



$180.00 Initial Consultation

$100.00 Follow-up consultations