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ETPA Coaching & Services

This page outlines our site based coaching program and our online coaching program. Click on the links to see a summary of each product or service.

We update this page regularly to reflect changes in the programs - please check it regularly.


Full Service Triathlon and multisport Coaching

Full Service Junior Triathlon and Multisport Coaching

Swim Squad

Stroke correction (group)

Stroke correction (individual)

Biomechanical Run Analysis Classes

Scientific Sports Testing - including: Vo2 max testing, Lactate profiling, Training Zone Identification and Analysis


$55.00 per week

$55.00 per week

$12.00 (multi-pass $95.00/month)

$300.00 per program

$130.00 per session

$90.00 per session



$180.00 Initial Consultation

$100.00 Follow-up consultations

Swimming Equipment

Resistance Bands (3 levels of resistance) – $50 ($45 for ETPA Members)


Swimmers Hand Paddles – $30 ($27 for ETPA Members)