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Noosa Results

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A small but determined group made the trip up to Noosa for the OD. Dane Heaysman led the way with a 2:13, followed closely by Andrew Killer. Andrew is only weeks out from IMWA now, so it’s good to see some speed coming.

Sarah Lester led the female charge with a 2:25 overall and running the fastest 10k split for our squad. Big improvers on the day were Julie Stevenson and Blake Hedley, well done guys!

A big congrats to all that participated, well done

Name Total time Swim Bike Run
Dane HEAYSMAN 02:13:27 00:24:09 01:06:30 00:42:47
Andrew KILLER 02:16:38 00:25:27 01:08:23 00:42:47
Gary PITMAN 02:23:56 00:26:44 01:10:23 00:46:49
Sarah LESTER 02:25:11 00:26:27 01:15:58 00:42:45
Kellie PITMAN 02:43:12 00:31:06 01:18:09 00:53:55
Gabrielle TREWIN 02:46:20 00:29:03 01:17:43 00:59:32
Julie STEVENSON 03:03:12 00:35:41 01:25:33 01:01:56
Blake HEDLEY 03:06:49 00:33:12 01:22:25 01:11:11

Melbourne to Warrnambool results

Big congratulations to the Evolution Cycles squad for a solid day out at the Melbourne to Warrnambool. Dave Edwards proved too strong for the Evolution Cycles boys, finishing in the third group on the day. Coach, Mat Tippett had a solid day out and finishing in 90th position. Andrew Caune was the sacrificial lamb on the day for the team. Andrew chased back a split in the group ensuring Mat and Dave stayed in the peloton for as long as possible.

Dave Edwards (Evolution Cycles Team) 63rd

Mat Tippett (Evolution Cycles Team) 90th

Andrew Caune (Evolution Cycles Team) 117th

Tony Piacquadio (Evolution Cycles Team) DNF

Daniel Standen (Evolution Cycles Team) DNF

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