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Mega Weekend of Results – The depth and breadth of the ETPA program on show!

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We are proud! We are proud of our athletes results and we are proud of the diversity of the ETPA program.

We had some fantastic results over the weekend – firstly, lets acknowledge our podium place getters!


Jarrod Owen – 1st M30-34 Western Sydney 70.3 – World Champs Qualifier!

Carl Fannon – 1st M40-49 Mornington Long Course Triathlon

Susie Ellis – 1st F50-59 Mornington Long Course Triathlon

Jason Shields – 1st M35-39 Gatorade Sprint

Matt Sullivan – 2nd MOpen Gatorade Sprint

Joel Van Weel – 2nd M25-29 Trex Cross Triathlon

Hamish Munro (WHS) – 3rd M15-19 Gatorade Sprint


We must also make special mention of the strong contigent of racers from our Junior Development Program (JDP) who took on the gatorade event with the support of their passionate Coach, Jules Thomas.

Marco Roker
Caitlyn Krepp
Alannah Hibbard
Macey Medic
Kade Mueller
Bayley Carmillo
Maddie Carmillo
Angus Dart


Full Results!

Mornington Tri Festival

Andrew Appolloni, 6.30
Susie Ellis, 5.38 – 1st F50-59
Carl Fannon, 4.45 – 1st M40-49 (4th Overall)
Sam Friedman, 3.10 – First Timer! (OD)

Western Sydney 70.3

Jarrod Owen, 4.12 – 1st M30-34 – WC Qualifier!
Stephen Thompson , 4.05 – PB!
Wayne Heathcote, 5.38 – 5th M60-64


Jaci Testro, 1.28
Stefan Kot – DNF
Matt Sullivan, 59.04 – 3rd MOpen!
Ruthie Kimpton, 1.22
Hugh Pentland, 1.08
Branko Jurgec, 1.10 – PB!
Polly Dhar, 1.22
Sharon Andronaco, 1.22
Jason Shields, 58.17 – 1st M35-39
Ashlea Kunowski, 1.36
Simone Cain, 1.40
Matt Cox, 1.10
Hamish Munro, 1.03 – 3rd M15-19
Tassie Williams, 1.15
Trex Cross Triathlon

Joel Van Weel, 2.28 – 2nd M25-29

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