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Jamie Edwards

Coach Profile – Jamie Edwards



Name: Jamie Edwards

Website: http://www.jamieedwardstriathlon.com/


How did you get started in Triathlon?

After playing football (soccer) for 10 years growing up in England, I started running and then doing some cycling for general fitness. I then decided to add in some swimming and did some local short distances races. My involvement in the sport grew from there and I started working with Mat and ETPA. I got more involved in training, racing and coaching and now enjoy the sport full time!


What is your coaching philosophy?

For me, coaching is about maximizing each individual’s capacity to perform at their best. This involves determining their potential and then maximising opportunities so it can be reached come race/event day. Each athlete has a unique set of goals, strengths, weaknesses and limiters. They have a unique set of family, life and work circumstances. Hence, each individual program needs to reflect this.

I believe in coaching for each individual so they can get the best possible result out of themselves, but also allowing them to enjoy the process of training and racing.


What do you enjoy most about coaching?

I love Triathlon and all it encompasses. Coaching is a very rewarding career.

For me, being involved in the sport on a number of levels is awesome. First and foremost, Triathlon is one of my passions, so being able to learn, grow and develop with the sport is amazing. I love being able to share this with my athletes and the wider ETPA community. I love being able to help people follow their passion and to help them improve.


What are your sporting career highlights?

  • My first Age Group podium (Falls Creek LC, 2011)
  • My first Age Group win and first time qualifying for World Championships (Shep 70.3, 2011)
  • My first International race (UK 70.3, 2013)


What are your coaching career highlights?

  • Designing and implementing multiple Junior Programs throughout Victoria
  • Sharing each athlete’s individual journey (ups and downs) and being there on race day with them
  • Coaching my first Ironman Finisher
  • Coaching my first world championship qualifier


Where do you hope to go with Triathlon coaching?

I hope to continue to grow as a Coach by increasing my knowledge and experience and my ability relay this information to all athletes. I want to help more people reach their goals, coach more Ironman and 70.3 finishers and help more athletes get to championship events. I also want to continue to provide opportunities for juniors to get involved in our sport and provide a pathway for long term involvement in the sport.

One day I hope to be recognised as an industry leading Triathlon Coach.


What advice would you give to someone deciding if signing up with a coach was the right thing for them?

I would advise them to look around and research prospective coaches. Having a coach to help guide them through the process of training and racing can be critical for training and racing enjoyment and success. The best coach will be the one that understands their goals, strengths and weaknesses and how to get the most out of them. He/She will have a great supporting network of coaches, specialist providers and group training options. They will be honest, open, approachable, reliable and knowledgeable. A coach with these qualities will definitely be beneficial to their development.


Academic Background:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Exercise Science
  • Triathlon Coach


Professional Background:

  • Triathlon Coach
  • Junior Triathlon Coach & Program Manager
  • Swim Coach and Stroke Correction Coach & Program Manager
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Biomechanical Run Analysis Provider
  • Indoor Cycling Coach – Bike technique and Education
  • Published Author