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Full Service Junior Triathlon/Multisport Coaching

ETPA Full Service Junior Triathlon/Multisport Coaching


Price – $44 per week


Providing the highest level of sports science available including:

  • Email based programming tailored to your individual needs. We utilise a number of training tools that enhance the quality of our programs including, lactate profiling and the Borg perceived exertion scale (RPE). Programs follow a systematic schedule of micro and macro cycles with a heavy focus on education.

Education and fun:

  • ETPA Junior program follows the ETPA mission of Education through Activity. Our dedicated junior coach, Jamie Edwards, along with our head coaches are concerned with youth development. We believe that sport can be fun and that it can sculpt kids into the people they become. Our approach is one of simplicity. Lets the kids learn and enjoy sport, success will follow.

Training and racing resources including:

  • Pre/during and post race dietary requirements, race plans and goal setting
  • Free scheduled group sessions each week
  • Race day support at pre determined event each season

Discounts on training and racing equipment including:

  • Bikes and bike accessories, clothing (race and training gear), heart rate monitors, running shoes, general accessories, sunscreen and sunglasses etc

Developed support network including:

  • Ongoing psychological, family and developmental support


To get started, follow this link to the ‘Getting Started’ page and follow the directions…