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Full Service Coaching

                               ETPA Full Service Coaching


Full Service Coaching – Head Coach Mat Tippett -  $55 per week

Full Service Coaching – Assistant Coaches – $44 per week

Providing the highest level of sports science available including:

  • Email based programming tailored to your individual needs. We utilise a number of training tools that enhance the quality of our programs including, lactate profiling and the Borg perceived exertion scale (RPE). Programs follow a systematic schedule of micro and macro cycles with a heavy focus on education. For example’s of our programs please follow the links below

Training and racing resources including:

  • pre/during and post race dietary requirements, race plans and goal setting

Discounts on training and racing equipment including:

  • Bikes and bike accessories, clothing (race and training gear), heart rate monitors, running shoes, general accessories, sunscreen and sunglasses etc

 Developed support network including:

  • Ongoing psychological, family and relationship support

financial and career management including:

  • Sponsorship, developmental management

To get started, follow this link to the ‘Getting Started’ page and follow the directions…