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ETPA All Schools Q&A

Jack Mitchell

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your race lead in?

I was riding only once a week on the weekend as a long ride but did a ride/brick during the week. I was swimming 4-5 times a week, including 1 with the local swim squad, and was running 3 times week, plus the brick.

2.       What type of ride sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

My ride sets are just usually long rides with a group.

My brick ride sets were:

10mins warm run then spin then going into

1x3min effort at rpe 15/2mins spin float, with a transition as race day into running

2×200 MAX efforts/200m walk float.

Repeated from 2 – 4 times depending on the week.

3.       What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?  

This one’s a Thursday morning track set.

As follows: 10min warm up run then

4x400m efforts on 78sec/200m walk float, 1km easy jog, 4x400m efforts in less than 78sec/200m walk float, 1km easy jog, into 2x200m efforts on 35sec/200m walk float.

Finished with a 10min jog down.

4.  Tell us about your hardest training day?

It was a frosty morning wearing a few layers and the main set was 1min at rpe 13/16/19 x 6. My heart reached mid to low 190’s. I collapsed at the end of the last 1min was laying down for about 5mins. I was still breathing heavy during the cool down walk and was sore for days afterwards! A session I dreaded whenever I saw it!

Also, just recently the main set at one of our swim squad sessions was 15×200’s.

5. What does winning mean for you?  

Winning to me is executing my race plan under pressure, no matter the result. I know I will always be happy with my race if I execute my race plan with what I had that day. Obviously wanting to win or podium is important. Executing my race will always make me satisfied.

6.       What is your biggest tip for other juniors leading into their first triathlon?

Enjoy it!! Having fun and wanting to do it again is fundamental to a long-term relationship with the sport to guarantee longevity and no burnouts.

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