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You spend hours training each week, getting ready for your event……But have you thought about your diet?


  • Are you meeting your nutritional needs to train well & recover?
  • Are you eating and drinking enough? Or too much?
  • Are you eating the right types of food?
  • Do you need help to get down to your optimal racing weight?
  • Do you suffer from gut issues? During training/events or in general e.g. IBS or other food intolerances?
  • Do you have any medical issues that can be helped by diet e.g. Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Diabetes?
  • Do you have issues with cramping?

What we eat and drink can mean all the difference – healthier, leaner, faster, stronger. Accredited Sports Dietitian Aimee Dow can help you feel better, be healthier and achieve more with expert guidance on your body’s nutritional needs – from maximising energy levels, and knowing what to eat before, during and after competition to maintaining appropriate body fat levels.



One on one consultation (Initial)

  • Or Aimee will assess your current diet and nutritional needs and provide feedback, information and a personalized meal plan
  • Consult time is 1 hour and cost $125
  • Would this be right for you? If you are after advice for weight loss/gain, body composition changes, gut issues (in general and in racing), IBS, race nutrition, recovery nutrition, meal/snack ideas, menu planning this is the option for you.


One on one consultation (Review)

  • Follow up is important to help keep you on track with your goals
  • Reviews are also done via Skype and are a 30 minute consult
  • Cost $65


Complete Dietary Analysis

  • Just want to check that you are eating enough and meeting your nutritional requirements?
  • You can complete a 7 Day Diet Record and have it analysed using Australia’s leading nutrition analysis software to give you an accurate analysis of your diet including; Average total energy intake, protein, carbohydrate and fats, as well as an assessment of all vitamins and minerals. Our dietitian enters the data, looks at the analysis and compares your nutritional intake to your specific training regime. You will receive an electronic copy of the nutritional analyses with specific suggestions from the dietitian to improve your diet. Usually combined with a one on one review for discussion
  • Cost $150 or $200 including a 30 minute review


To learn more or book in, contact Aimee on 0432 368 077.