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Personalised Triathlon Coaching

Elite Triathlon Performance Australia is first and foremost intended to be a program for the individual; we build close relationships with our athletes and coaches based around clear and continual communication to ensure that the program you are given is unique to your needs as an athlete and your timetable as an individual.

This seperates us from other coaching organisations as we believe the key to long term growth and success as an athlete lie in having a program tailored and adapted specifically to your body, rather than a template group training schedule intended to fit all athletes.

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If you have any questions about the program, please contact us via email at sales@etpa.com.au

We do offer group sessions during the week, our swim squad runs all year round and we do run Run and Ride sessions seasonally according to major races, these sessions are scheduled by the coach and include individualised components for our program athletes.

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Do you like what you see but are uncertain if these programs are for you? Anyone can attend our programs but please do contact us first to ensure that the starting time and location hasn’t changed, and that we know to expect you and can help you settle in.

For questions about attending any sessions please contact us via email at sales@etpa.com.au

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