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Challenge Shepparton Race Results!

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Well another edition of Challenge Shepparton has been and gone and it did not disappoint! ETPA had another very successful weekend, and put simply, we can’t wait for Ballarat 70.3 next month!

Special mention must go to first timers, Dom Frazzica, Con Giatrakos and Matt Cox and podium finishers Lou Wotton, Jason Shields and the evergreen Miah Franzmann. Our super team of Jimmy Duncan, Coach Edwards and Matt Sullivan also retained their title in the Male team. The win was set up by a slick PB bike time of 2.14 by Jamie.

The PB’s did not stop there… See below for the details! Well done all!

etp w cow

Challenge Shepparton

Jason Shields, 4.17 – 3rd M35-39
Darren Speechley, 5.44
Brett Gunning, 5.01 – PB!
Con Giatrakos, 6.12 – First Timer!
Matt Cox, 5.29 – First Timer!
Sharon Andronaco, 6.03 – PB!
Helen Reynolds, 6.07 – PB!
Courtney Gronow, 5.08
Amanda Thompson, 5.41
Domenic Frazzica, 5.20 – First timer!
Donald Terris, 5.07
Nicole Donnegan, 6.28
Peter Graham, 5.32 – PB!
Robert Kostadinovic, 5.21 – PB!
Brett Tooley, 5.27
Mat Tippett, 5.09
Lou Wotton, 5.16 – 3rd F30-34
Stephen Thompson, 4.08 – PB! (8th Overall)
Bassam Hallack, 6.12
Alan Hutchinson, 6.03
Shane Fitzsimmons, 5.14
Miah Franzmann, 5.10 – 13th Overall and 1st F50-54

Venue Based athletes

Trav Atkins, 4.17 – 4th M35-39


Danny Young, 1.50
Maddy Kunowski, 1.57 – First Timer!
Simone Cain, 2.27

Teams – Half Ironman

John Dickson (33) / Lucas Bell (2.35) / John Dickson (1.34) – 4.45
April Ziessler (30) / Ron Ziessler (2.36) / Sally Henderson (2.01) – 5.11
James Duncan (30) / Jamie Edwards (2.14) / Matt Sullivan (1.20) – 4.07 – 1st Team Overall
Mark Ryan (33) / Mark Ryan (2.24) / Jarrod Norman (1.29) – 4.30
Laura Smithers-shaw (33) / Ron Cain (2.31) / Ron Cain (1.52) – 5.00
Teams – Hexman

Ashlea Kunowski / Brayden Cain, 1.51

Aquashop 1900m Swim

Jason Shields, 27.06 – 3rd M35-54
Joel Van Weel, 27.02
Laura Smithers Shaw, 32.11 – 1st F35-54

Ironman Arizona

Pat Lai, 11.24 – First Timer, 6th F30-34

pat lai

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