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Challenge Melbourne 2018 Results

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Well the weather was pretty much perfect on Sunday for the 2018 edition of Challenge Melbourne and the ETPA athletes made the most of it with some great performances. This included lots of PBs. Along with this we had some podiums, first timers and comeback races.

Jason Sharp lead the way with a PB of over 30mins and a solid and consistent race day performance. With splits of 27mins, 2hrs 20min, and 1hr 35mins its safe to say he nailed it! 4hrs 28mins overall.. Well done and congrats Jase. Congrats too to Cam Atchinson, Shaun Miller, Mark Deagan. John Shiels, Marc primrose and to Penny Tomkinson and Carolyn Tonelli for snagging 3rd place along with their personal best times. Great effort by Brett Jacobson on his first race of this distance as well.

me n jase

Full results below including sneaky podiums by old sparring partners Mat Tippett and Dennis Neal in the sprint. Special mention to Aimee Dow after her comeback to racing.

Half Ironman
Paul Scheffer, 5.14 – 10min PB
Shaun Miller, 5.40 – PB!
Jason Sharp, 4.28 – >30min PB!
Brett Jacobson, 5.05 – first timer!
Penny Tomkinson, 5.50 – PB and 3rd AG
Shay McLeod, 4.25
Cam Atchinson, 4.27 – big PB!
Joe Michael – DNF
Amanda Wilson – DNF
John Shiels, 4.25 – PB!
Mark Deagan, 4.40 – PB!
Marc Primrose, 5.05 – PB!
Anthony Egan, 4.54
David Deakin – DNF
Carolyn Tonelli, 5.04 – PB and 3rd AG

Team ETPA – Kodey Hodgson/Robert Kostadinovic/Matt Sullivan – 4.28
Team – Sam Friedman (swim), Dani Jansse (run) – 4.25 – 3rd
Team 32gi – Jamie Edwards (Swim) – 3.43 – 1st Overall


Jordan Chapman, 1.37
Aimee Dow, 1.53
Josh Lombard, 1.49
Jess Baker, 2.02
Mat Tippett, 1.33, 3rd AG
Dennis Neal, 1.32 – 1st AG
Moira Pasquali, 2.24

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