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ETPA Juniors at the forefront of School Sport Victoria selections

Elite Triathlon Performance Australian is proud to announce that four of our junior athletes have been selected for the School Sport Victoria Triathlon team.  Kodey Hodgson, Ash Tonelli, Ben McShanag and Declan Dooley will all compete at the Australian Open Schools Triathlon and Australian Schools Triathlon Festival as well as the SSA Triathlon Championships in Sydney later this year.

Kodey Hodgson:

Kodey Hodgson

Kodey is a developing high performance athlete. Her work ethic in training is of a very high standard and we are seeing this translate into solid race day performances. As per all other juniors, Kodey mixes Triathlon with school, social and family. She does a remarkable job of combining all facets of her life in a sustainable way. Keep an eye out for Kodey as she develops into a truly high performance athlete. Her legs are still very new to the sport of triathlon and it is only a matter of time until she is winning events.

Ash Tonelli:

Ash Tonelli

Ash Tonelli comes from a great pedigree in sports performance. Her whole family are high performers and Ash is no different. Without a doubt, the raw talent Ash has will enable her to develop into a great athlete. Ash brings a great energy to our junior group training program and a fierce determination to succeed.

Ben McShanag:

Ben McShanag

Ben is still finding his feet as a triathlete but is always eager to learn and has a lot of fun with his training and racing. With a busy school and social schedule Ben pushed himself early in the qualifying season to accumulate points. This paid off with illness affecting the later part of his season. Enjoy the experience Ben!

Declan Dooley:

Declan Dooley

Declan, the Hockey playing Triathlete, has developed far beyond our expectation in only our first year of coaching him.  He is a surprise packet and is only now really understanding his own potential. This kid is a future star, keep an eye out for him!

This is a great outcome for our program and ETPA couldn’t be prouder of what our athletes are achieving.

The networked approach between coaches, athletes and our supporting partners at Bounce Health Group and Evolution Cycles contributes to the ongoing success of our athletes.

Want to know more about how we can help you achieve your goals? Call us now on 0414303464 and have a chat with Mat.

WSTC Tri, Runaway Bay, Ballarat Tri – Pre Xmas Hitouts!

Great weekend supporting a few local events around the state.

Well done to all those who got out and have a fun, hard hit out pre Christmas!

Bring on the festive season, consistent training and more racing in 2018!
WOW Swim Classic – 10km

Sam Friedman – DNF (illness)

WSTC Sprint Triathlon

Andrew Jordan, 1.16
Jason Sharp, 1.09
Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.19
Peter Graham, 1.17
Jordan Chapman, 1.09
Kane Southwell, 1.05
Corey Webster / Bethany Lloyd, 1.07 (1st Team)
James Antonio, 1.18
Amanda Wilson, 1.02 – 1st Female
Matt Sullivan, 1.02
Dennis Neal, 1.02
Lee Dorow, 1.24
Austine Parker, 1.05
Simon Anderson, 1.01
Michael Lacorcia, 1.10
Warwick Schmitz, 1.09
Sophie Findlay, 1.16



Xander Schmitz, 30.42 – 2nd!

xander schmitz

Ballarat Tri

Mel Phillips, 1.43
Lucas Bell, 1.19

Runaway bay National junior series

Kodey Hodgson, 1.10
Oscar Dart, 57.49 (79points) – 6th overall

oscar dart

A swimless IM Busso! Plus Safety Beach SSV qualifier!

This weekend had it all… Wild weather in Melbourne meaning it was hard to train and the Saftey Beach Sufferfest became a duathlon. Didn’t phase our juniors though with some great performances.

Over in Bussleton there was a bit of drama.. Shark sightings meaning no swim, bushfires on the ride and oppressive heat for most of the day.

Bittersweet for Des our first timer and a very tough day for the rest of the guys also.


Full results below…

Busso IM (No Swim)

John Dickson, 9.54 – 5th AG
Robert Kostadinovic, 12.32
Bassam Hallak – DNF (Illness)
Des O’Sullivan, 9.26 – First Timer
James Antonio, 12.13
John Shiels, 8.44
Mark Deagan, 9.49
Steve Stroud, 11.54
Simon Anderson, 8.25 – 6th AG

Busso 70.3

Dani Jansse, 4.32 – 4th AG


Sufferfest Safety Beach (Duathlon)

Oscar Dart, 56.21 – 1st Senior SSV
Ted Murphy, 44.22
Kodey Hodgeson, 1.03 – 2nd Senior SSV
Declan Dooley, 41.44
Ash Tonelli, 36.52 – 5th Junior SSV
Ella Walsgott, 50.27
Angus Dart, 48.47
Jack Mitchell, 44.02
Ben Mcshanag, 1.03 – 5th Senior SSV

Yarrawonga Multisport Festival 2017

By all accounts a fantastic weekend of racing for the guys down at Yarrawonga. First race of the season, start of a world championships campaign or a stepping stone to events later in the season – we had athletes that fitted all three of these descriptions.

In any case some great racing – full results below.

The tri season has arrived in Australia. Woohoo!


Yarrawonga OD

Matt Sullivan, 2.12
Joe Michael, 2.30
Miah Franzmann, 2.22 – 2nd AG
Dennis Neal, 2.11
Rueben Kuah, 2.26

Yarrawonga Sprint

David Gunn, 1.15
Wayne Heathcote, 1.26
Mat Tippett, 1.04 – 4th AG
Marc Primrose, 1.19
Jordan Chapman, 1.11
Kodey Hodgson, 1.08 – 5th AG

Yarrawonga SSV Sprint

Oscar Dart, 1.00 – 1st in cat
Declan Dooley, 1.05 – 4th in cat
Ben McShanag, 1.14
Ella Walsgott, 1.19
Kate Sarris, 1.22
Jack Mitchell, 1.14
Angus Dart, 1.17

Yarrawonga SSV Mini

Ash Tonelli, 28.53 – 2nd in Cat
Lucinda Rourke, 27.38 – 1st in Cat

Oceanside and IMSA!

A return to racing for the ETPAmerica , success in South Africa for Mal Joseland and some great local racing!

Challenge Melbourne this weekend in Melbourne!
Oceanside 70.3

Mitchell Reiss, 5.03
Chavon Rosenthal, 5.21 – 9th AG
Darcy McCarty, 5.46
Ben Blizard, 6.32
Camille Gomez, 6.12
Mike Davis, 5.00
Angela Kay, 6.33
Cristen Clark, 5.53
April Abregana – No Time
Christian Talaue, 5.10

Oakland HM

Stephen Banbury – No time

IM South Africa

Mal Joseland, 9.28 – 4th M45-49 – KONA Qualifier


Run the Rock

Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.02
Jaci Testro, 1.18

Murray to Moyne

Corey Webster


Xander Schmitz, 32.38 – 1st in Dash
Declan Dooley, 43.37 – 1st in Mini
Ted Murphy, 48.16 (mini)


Gatorade Season Finale – EPIC Results Post!

Well that’s a wrap on another domestic short course season here in Melbourne. Well done to the BIG ETPA Racing crew who went about their business over multiple races on Sunday.

Thanks to Bounce Health for their on the day support!


As always there were some stand outs on the day:

- A win for Oscar in the open category
- A first time finisher in Gaby Saunders
- A comeback race for AJ
- Wins for Stefan and JT in the Mini
- Podiums for Miah, John and Ash
- Multiple PBs

pre race

Well done – full results as follows…

Gatorade – St Kilda


Andrew Jordan, 2.44 – Welcome Back mate!
Miah Franzmann, 2.22 – 2nd F50-55
Bassam Hallack, 2.41
David Deakin, 2.18 – PB!
Jamie Edwards, 2.05
Paul Scheffer, 2.29 – PB!
Peter Graham, 2.29
Robert Kostadinovic, 2.27 – PB!
Anthony Eagan – DNF
Carolyn Tonelli, 2.33
Carl Fannon, 2.07 – 6th M40-44
Jess Baker, 3.10 – 3rd Athena
John Shiels, 2.07 – 3rd 35-39
Matt Sullivan, 2.07 – 2nd M20-24
Cam Atchinson, 2.15 – 5th M15-19
Rob Gashi, 2.24
Gaby Saunders, 3.10 – First Timer!



Michael Brennan, 1.38 – 7th Overall
Jacky O’Sullivan, 2.20


Nicole Donegan, 1.50
Beth Colban, 1.28 – 4th F30-34 – PB!
Corey Webster – DNF
Ben Mcshanag, 1.20 – 4th Open
Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.30 – 5th F30-34
Oscar Dart, 1.10 – 1st Overall
Dani Jansse, 1.28 – 4th F25-29
Melissa Phillips, 1.51
Joe Michaels, 1.25

beth and caz


Ella Walsgott, 53.34
Ash Tonelli, 47.33 – 3rd F12-14
Declan Dooley, 44.23 – 4th M12-14
Angus Dart, 49.13
Nick Frisby – no time
Sam Satchell, 48.33
Stefan Kot, 39.21 – 1st Overall
Jamie Tonelli, 47.03 – 1st F12-14, 3rd Female overall
Ted Murphy – no time


Melbourne to Ballarat Cycling

Dave Ross made a welcome return to racing after a two year hiatus, congrats. Came Moore and Steve Maher, smashed out creditable performances, both inside the top 30 riders…congrats all

27. 144 Cameron MOORE (FCC – Masters)  2h31:54 +3:46
28. 159 Steve MAHER (FCC – Masters)  2h40:25 +4:1
118. 73 David ROSS (FCC – Masters)  2h39:55 +21:17

Active Tri Series Results – Juniors on the charge!

Well done to all those who pulled on the tri suits this weekend.

Some more great results all around!

Active Tri


Carl Fannon, 2.03 – 2nd M40-44
Matt Sullivan, 2.08 – 3rd M20-24


Jamie Tonelli, 1.25 – 7th Junior Female
Stefan Kot, 1.02 – 2nd Junior
Oscar Dart, 1.04 – 1st Youth
Gaius Robertson Christie
Hugh Pentland, 1.13 – 6th Youth
Corey Webster, 1.13 – 4th Junior
Ben Mcshanag, 1.08 – 3rd Junior
Georgina Clarke, 1.16 – 1st Junior Female



Carolyn Heaton Harris, 35.52 1st F30-39
Ashley Tonelli, 36.41 – 4th F12-13
St Kilda Mile – 3.8km Event (shortened to 3.3km)

Bassam Hallack, 52.32 – 3rd M45-49
Robert Kostadinovic, 54.06
Otway Classic

Sam Friedman
Dennis Neal

Summer Racing! Geelong 70.3 2017!

Geelong 70.3 is a testing course. Throw in some good ‘ol Victorian summer weather and you have a tough little race on your hands.

Tough athletes get it done in tough conditions so well done to all finishers on Sunday who stuck it out. It is not always about PBs but doing your best on the day.

Carolyn Tonelli was at it again… The crazy doc won her age group by over 10mins and also claimed her spot to the World Champs in Chattanooga later this year. Well done doc!


Sam Friedman took 10mins off his overall time from Ballarat. Not to mention Chris Chatham’s 60+min PB – fantastic work Chris!

Deaks and Mutch had another little battle going toe to toe with one another right up into the final kilometre… Many more of these to come we think.

battle 2

Well done also to first timer Laura Jones who smiled her way through the wind and rain and also young Cam Atchinson who pulled out a 5.06 on debut.

Team Liz (Liz Blatchford, John Dickson, Mal Joseland) were third mixed team, stopping the clock in 4.37.

Special mention to old school Gary Nicholls on a successful return to racing after a tough two years including major surgery. Well done mate! Super mum Kim Garland and big diesel engine Chris Angwin also smashed out their return to long course racing in fine form. Happy birthday Chris!

 Chris and Laura


Rob Kostadinovic, 5.46
Amanda Thompson, 5.42
Peter Graham, 5.25
Chris Scammell, 4.30 – 6th M35-39
Chris Angwin, 5.42
Laura Jones (first timer), 6.55
Carolyn Tonelli, 5.18 – 1st 45-49 and World Champs Qualifier
Amanda Wilson (Pro) – DNF
Sarah Holmes, 5.30 – 9th F30-34
Gary Nicholls, 5.42 – 5th M60-64
Sam Friedman, 5.27
Michael Lacorcia, 4.57
Andrew Appa, 5.18
David Deakin, 4.57
Kim Garland, 6.04
Bassam Hallack, 5.43
Ben Lyons, 5.08
Chris Chatham, 5.11 – 60+min PB!
Kelly Miller, 5.31 – 7th F35-39
Carl Fannon – DNF (mechanical)
Nathan Hill, 4.32 – 7th M40-44
Ryan Dodson, 5.00
Troy Goodwin, 5.57
Wayne Heathcote, 6.09 – 6th M60-64
Jess Baker – DNF – bike crash
John Shiels, 4.45


#TeamLiz #EtpaRacing (4.37 – 3rd Mixed Team)

Liz Blatchford, 28.38
John Dickson, 2.40
Mal Joseland, 1.24

Team Liz


Cam Atchinson (first timer), 5.06 – 6th M18-24
Shay McLeod, 4.46

Cam atchinson

Ironman Cairns

Well Ironman Cairns has been run and won! What a great race in the pros with Tim Berkel finally getting another IM win!

Our guys had some mixed results… Ian Scott and Jarrod Owens succumbed to the ferocity of the Ocean during the swim but will be back to fight another day!

luke wilson
Luke Wilson got the job done with a great first time day out – some big lessons learnt from Luke in his first otuing over the distance so watch this space! Lou Wotton had an awesome day – strong from the outset and throughout for 8th place in her AG.

Col Gleeson narrowly missed the podium with a 4th place in his AG.

In the 70.3 Coach Darren Franken led from the front and was solid all day again. Few would know that Darren cam off his bike two weeks ago and his race was in jeopardy with a damaged rotator cuff. To add insult to injury he copped a flat on the bike course and then had his back wheel clipped and cam down again on race day! Some angry training for sunshine coast we reckon! Watch out!
In the US, we are happy to report that all the ETPA crew made it out from Alcatraz!  A bucket list race for many the crew smashed the iconic course! Well done.
Cairns Ironman

Jarrod Owen – DNF
Lou Wotton 11:19 – 8th F35-39
Luke Wilson (first timer) – 11:31
Ian Scott – DNF
Colin Gleeson 12:58, 4th M65-69
Rebecca Patrick – DNF

Cairns 70.3

Darren Franken 4:44 – 9th M45-49
Daniel O’Shea 5:02
Wayne Heathcote 5:33 – 6th M60-64

Run Forest

Ryan Dodson 1:37
Escape from Alcatraz

Bella Banbury 3:26:36 13th AG 1st time Escapee!
Ben Blizard 3:24:41 1st time Escapee!
Camille Gomez 3:27:18 11th AG 1st time Escapee!
John Zenner 3:30:17 1st time Escapee!
Simon James 3:56:10 1st time Escapee!

XTerra Ashland

Chris van Luen 2nd in AG

Pac Grove Sprint

Darcy McCarty 57:03 2nd in AG

Pac Grove OD

Chavon Rosenthal 2:29:38 4th in AG and PR!
Federico Sandino 3:00:50 AG 20th M40-45 Very First Triathlon
John Dickens 2:54:34 AG 12th M55-59
Manny Fishman 3:12:08 AG 9th M60-64

Pacific Grove Olympic Elite Draft Legal

Jonah Belk 2:06:09

Fantastic season end.


What a cracker of a race weekend.


We had huge numbers race over the weekend prodominetly at the last Gatorade Race in StKilda, which also doubled as the ETPA end of season BBQ. This doesn’t mean no more racing.. more just a close to the victorian season, as we all prepare for a tough winter of training.

We would first like to congratulate everyone on how they performed, but also added to what was a fantastic atmosphere amongst the ETPA community. The BBQ not only had some great post race food and drink, but also an incredible vibe as people pass around there stories from a days racing.

With such a number of athletes racing there was always going to be an abundance of standout performances and talking points. We will take you through a couple and of course let you all discuss your stories further during the training sessions ahead.

Special Mentions to….

Lucas Bell and Donald Terris showing some great form ahead of upcoming events. Big PBs from Sam Friedman and Michael Lacorcia – looking forward to even more progression next season after a big winter!

We must also mention member, Alicia Rolls, a regular at our group sets who smashed her PB by 20mins – most of which came from the bike – well done!


And last but not least, ETPA coach Jason Shields, who came away with third on Sunday, but clinching the series WIN! Jason has finished on the podium every race during the series. Well done mate

Gatorade Olympic ——
Jason Shields, 2:01 – 3rd M35-39  + 35-59 Series WIN
Brett Gunning, 2:20 – PB
Darrin Speechlea, 2:29
Andrew Grove, 2:53 – First Timer
Sharon Andronaco, 2:47 – PB
Helen Reynolds, 2:49 – 1st Athena
Peter Graham, 2.35 – PB!
Branko Jurgec, 2.32 – PB!
Lucas Bell, 2.24 – PB!
Sam Friedman, 2.28 – 7min PB!
Chris Scammell, 2.17
Robert Kostadinovic, 2.32
Lee Dorow, 2.57
Michael Lacorcia, 2.20 – 10min PB!
Donald Terris, 2.20
Amanda Wilson, 2.14 – First open female, 2nd Female overall and 3 min PB
Jamie Edwards, 2:04
Mat Tippett, 2.12 – Fastest bike time in the history of the world :)
Jess Baker, DNF
Lou Wotton, 2:30
Malcom Joseland, 2.12
Matt Sullivan, 2:07
Darren Franken, 2:07
Ryan Dodson, 2:20

Matt Cox, 2:32
Con Giatrakos, DNF
Daniel O’Shea, 2.26
Nick Leonard, 2.41
Mark Stewart, 2.45
Alicia Rolls, 2.05 – 20min PB!
Keith Colomb, 1.15


Sprint Gatorade ——
Maddy Kunowski, 2:32 – 2nd F20-24
Kieran O’Meara, 1.25 – PB!
Jaci Testro, 1.42
Hugh Pentland, 1.24
Sarah Holmes, 1.36
Carl Fannon, 1.10 First M40-44

Gatorade Olympic (draft legal) —–
Alexander Polizzi, 2.07 – 8th Elite
Chris James Owens, 2.00 – 3rd Elite, 6 min PB

Gatorade Sprint ——
Stefan Kot, 1.18
Gaius Robertson-Christie, 1.14 – 4th M15-19
Oscar Dart, 1.12 – First M15-29

Aqua Bike ——
Laura Smithers-ShawCorey Webster, 1.35 – 7th Overall!

WTS Gold Coast Sprint ——
Nicole Donegan, 1.33
Ruthie Kimpton, 1.20

Elite Triathlon Performance America also have huge numbers again toeing the line:

Hits Napa Sprint —-

Sharon Barclay 1:30:00 3rd AG

Darcy McCarty 1:15:42 3rd in AG


Hits Napa OD —-

Christina Liebner 2:26:17 1st OA female

Chavon Rosenthal 2:37:02 2nd OA female

Amanda Swan 2:43:09 1st in AG

Aimee Bosch 3:02:41 5th in AG

Bella Banbury 3:02:39 3rd in AG

Jake Glodowski 2:57:54

Lucy Bustos 4:19:55

Aaron Hom 2:55:05

Again well done to everyone for either getting out on course racing, cheering or simply downing a snag with the ETPA team. It has be an amazing season in Victoria, Australia and we have enjoyed seeing all the hard work pay off over the course of the season.

Don’t forget to get in-touch with your coaches to plan the season ahead and simply celebrate all you have achieved!