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WSTC Tri, Runaway Bay, Ballarat Tri – Pre Xmas Hitouts!

Great weekend supporting a few local events around the state.

Well done to all those who got out and have a fun, hard hit out pre Christmas!

Bring on the festive season, consistent training and more racing in 2018!
WOW Swim Classic – 10km

Sam Friedman – DNF (illness)

WSTC Sprint Triathlon

Andrew Jordan, 1.16
Jason Sharp, 1.09
Carolyn Heaton Harris, 1.19
Peter Graham, 1.17
Jordan Chapman, 1.09
Kane Southwell, 1.05
Corey Webster / Bethany Lloyd, 1.07 (1st Team)
James Antonio, 1.18
Amanda Wilson, 1.02 – 1st Female
Matt Sullivan, 1.02
Dennis Neal, 1.02
Lee Dorow, 1.24
Austine Parker, 1.05
Simon Anderson, 1.01
Michael Lacorcia, 1.10
Warwick Schmitz, 1.09
Sophie Findlay, 1.16



Xander Schmitz, 30.42 – 2nd!

xander schmitz

Ballarat Tri

Mel Phillips, 1.43
Lucas Bell, 1.19

Runaway bay National junior series

Kodey Hodgson, 1.10
Oscar Dart, 57.49 (79points) – 6th overall

oscar dart

A swimless IM Busso! Plus Safety Beach SSV qualifier!

This weekend had it all… Wild weather in Melbourne meaning it was hard to train and the Saftey Beach Sufferfest became a duathlon. Didn’t phase our juniors though with some great performances.

Over in Bussleton there was a bit of drama.. Shark sightings meaning no swim, bushfires on the ride and oppressive heat for most of the day.

Bittersweet for Des our first timer and a very tough day for the rest of the guys also.


Full results below…

Busso IM (No Swim)

John Dickson, 9.54 – 5th AG
Robert Kostadinovic, 12.32
Bassam Hallak – DNF (Illness)
Des O’Sullivan, 9.26 – First Timer
James Antonio, 12.13
John Shiels, 8.44
Mark Deagan, 9.49
Steve Stroud, 11.54
Simon Anderson, 8.25 – 6th AG

Busso 70.3

Dani Jansse, 4.32 – 4th AG


Sufferfest Safety Beach (Duathlon)

Oscar Dart, 56.21 – 1st Senior SSV
Ted Murphy, 44.22
Kodey Hodgeson, 1.03 – 2nd Senior SSV
Declan Dooley, 41.44
Ash Tonelli, 36.52 – 5th Junior SSV
Ella Walsgott, 50.27
Angus Dart, 48.47
Jack Mitchell, 44.02
Ben Mcshanag, 1.03 – 5th Senior SSV

Western Sydney and 2XU Race 1 Results!

Some great racing and results over the weekend!

da boyz

2XU series Race 1

Sprint – Draft Legal

Gaius Robertson-Christie, 1.02 – 4th Elite Junior
Declan Dooley, 1.04
Kodey Hodgson, 1.08 – 5th Elite FJunior
Oscar Dart, 55.49 – 3rd overall, 1st Elite Junior!
Ben McShanag, 1.05
Jordan Chapman, 1.05
Chris Owens, 58.11

Sprint – Age Group

Dani Jansse, 1.13
Matt Sullivan, 1.02 – 2nd AG!
Peter Graham, 1.15
Kane Southwell, 1.06
Rob Gashi, 1.10
Moira Pasquali, 1.40
Ahmed Mourad, 1.27 – First Timer!
Hunter Dean, 1.09
Brett Jacobson, 1.16 – PB!

whats next


Sam Satchell, 22.37
Nick Frisby, 21.47 – 1st M14-15!

full flight friz

Western Sydney 70.3

Miah Franzmann, 4.58 – 1st AG and Asia Pacific Champion
Dave Deakin, 4.52
Carl Fannon, 4.25 – 1st AG and Asia Pacific Champion
Carolyn Tonelli, 5.22
TEAM ETPA, 4.12 – 2nd Mixed Teams


ACT Sprint Champs (draft legal age group event)

David Gunn, 1.19
Wayne Heathcote, 1.34 – 10th M60-64

Challenge Shepparton 2017

Challenge Shepparton has been on the race calendar for many years… The 2017 edition did not disappoint. Well done and congratulations to all ETPA athletes and members who raced over the weekend. As you will see below we had a bit of everything this year; juniors rocking it, first timers, PBs, podiums, wins and comebacks!

pecial mention to our partners Bounce Health Group for going above and beyond as always! Your assistance helping athletes before, during and after the race was amazing – thank you for your support.

post race

In the half… Well done to Gary Nicholls on his welcome return to the top step of the podium! Also Amanda Thompson for a handy PB after a solid winter on the MT. Well done too, to the guys en route to Busso Ironman in three weeks. Special shout out to the first timers, Kate Baxter, Joe Michael and Marc primrose! You guys rocked it! .


And the classic… In what can only be called a dominance of the ETPA program we smashed a number of the age groups grabbing multiple podium spots. Well done to the two old school Coaches, Darren and Mat, on pushing each other to a 1-2 in their age group. Special mention to overall female winner of the classic event, Amanda Wilson. Amanda smashed a 4min k pace run out to take the win by 7mins, great effort.

Half Ironman

James Antonio, 6.06
Bassam Hallak, 5.39
Amanda Thompson, 5.21 – 5th AG!
Joe Michael, 5.18 – First Timer!
Marc Primrose, 5.38 – First Timer!
Gary Nicholls, 5.26 – 1st AG!
Shay McLeod, 4.44 – 3rd AG!
Ryan Dodson, 5.00
Kate Baxter, 7.56
Austin Parker, 4.49 – 3rd AG!


Aimee, Steve, Karyn – 5.29
Gaby and Alan – 5.56
Jamie and Rob – 4.37

Rob and J


Amanda Wilson, 2.37 – 1st overall female!
Darren Franken, 2.33 – 1st AG
Mat Tippett, 2.44 – 2nd AG!
John Shiels, 2.32 – 1st AG, 3rd overall!
Mark Deagan, 2.36 – 3rd AG
Anthony Cooley, 3.15
Matt Sullivan, 2.42 – 1st AG!
David Deakin, 2.58
Miah Franzmann, 2.54 – 1st AG!


Carolyn Tonelli, 1.31 – 3rd AG!

Well done to all the juniors who took on the kids race… Awesome work!

Kye Franken
Taj Dodson
Zac Dodson
Livvy Cavka
Olivia Kostadinovic
Sienna Kostadinovic
Hunter Deakin
Phoenix Deakin


Further afield we had Ella Walsgott who won the Hamilton 4.2km fun run and Damion Passlow who tackled Damion Passlow. Well done guys!

Ella Walsgott, 17.43


Ironman Malaysia

Damion Passlow, 13.50


Massive thanks to all out support staff and sponsors, without such a dedicated group of individuals and organisations working together we wouldn’t have the outcomes on race day we do!

Polly Dhar – Physiotherapist
Andrew Apolloni – Stonington Podiatry
Elite Swimming
Bounce Heath Group
Evolution Cycles

Bring on the rest of the season, ETPA athletes are primed for their best summer of racing ever.

Yarrawonga Multisport Festival 2017

By all accounts a fantastic weekend of racing for the guys down at Yarrawonga. First race of the season, start of a world championships campaign or a stepping stone to events later in the season – we had athletes that fitted all three of these descriptions.

In any case some great racing – full results below.

The tri season has arrived in Australia. Woohoo!


Yarrawonga OD

Matt Sullivan, 2.12
Joe Michael, 2.30
Miah Franzmann, 2.22 – 2nd AG
Dennis Neal, 2.11
Rueben Kuah, 2.26

Yarrawonga Sprint

David Gunn, 1.15
Wayne Heathcote, 1.26
Mat Tippett, 1.04 – 4th AG
Marc Primrose, 1.19
Jordan Chapman, 1.11
Kodey Hodgson, 1.08 – 5th AG

Yarrawonga SSV Sprint

Oscar Dart, 1.00 – 1st in cat
Declan Dooley, 1.05 – 4th in cat
Ben McShanag, 1.14
Ella Walsgott, 1.19
Kate Sarris, 1.22
Jack Mitchell, 1.14
Angus Dart, 1.17

Yarrawonga SSV Mini

Ash Tonelli, 28.53 – 2nd in Cat
Lucinda Rourke, 27.38 – 1st in Cat

Weekend Racing Results

Lots of podiums and PBs following a spring like weekend in Melbourne. Full results listed below… The season is fast approaching!
Tri Vic Duathlon Series Round Three


John Shiels, 1.00.24 – 2nd in AG
Mark Deagan, 1.00.47 – 3rd in AG
Matt Sullivan, 1.02
Mat Tippett, 1.03
Joe Michael 1.04
Declan Dooley 1.06
Kodey Hodgson, 1.08 – 2nd in AG
Ted Murphy, 1.11


Ash Tonelli, 40.20 – 3rd in AG

Tippett boys

Tahiti OTU Oceania Cup

Chris Owens, 6th ELite Men

Mornington Half Marathon

Jamie Edwards, 1.20.37 – 2nd Overall

podium bro

35th Annual Santa Cruz Triathlon


KJ Kroetch, 2:43:53 – 5th AG


Darcy McCarty, 1:10:08 – 1st AG
Erica Pan, 1:21:23 – 1st AG


World Champs, Sunshine Coast and Santa Cruz 70.3 Results!

MASSIVE weekend of racing for the #etparacing crew around the world = MASSIVE weekend of results!

Read on and be inspired…

World 70.3 Championships

Raeleigh Harris, 5.09 – 8th in the world
Kelly Miller, 5.28
David Deakin, 5.36
Chris Scammell, 4.40
Carolyn Tonelli – DNF (illness)
April Abregana, 6.28
Christina King, 6.05


Sunshine Coast 70.3

Amanda Thompson, 5.33
Anthony Egan, 5.10
Bassam Hallak, 5.42
Bethany Lloyd, 5.11 – 8min PB!
Jamie Edwards, 4.28
Jason Sharp, 5.12 – 48min PB!
John Dickson, 4.59 – 7th in AG
Robert Kostadinovic, 5.28
Shay McLeod, 4.46
Dale Linaker, 5.37

Santa Cruz 70.3 (shortened swim)

Bella Banbury, 5.35
Steve Banbury, 5.02
Marissa Gilmore, 6.35
Alexis Przeszlowski, 6.30
Jim Rowland, 5.55
Alexis Ballinger, 5.22
Amanda Wilson, 4.29
Angela Kay, 5.50
Lucas Remems, 4.35

Surf Coast Century 100km team event

Anthony Cooley
Darren Franken

Well done everyone!


World Champs Qualifer Q&A – Kelly Miller

The smiling assassin from Horsham is heading to the world champs! Check out some of Kelly Miller’s training as she gets ready for Chattanooga this week.
1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your 70.3 lead in?

At least 3 times for each discipline

2.       What type of power sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

3 hours mostly easy but include:
Include 1 x 15min hill repeat @E3 & 70rpm
Roll down float and 10min easy spin
Include 2 x 10min hill repeat @ E3 & 70rpm
Roll down float and 10 min easy spin
Include 4 x 5min hill repeat @E3 & 70rpm

3.       What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?

Run 60 mins on a Hilly course easy
Work all hills E3+
Then 30mins on the flat as a slow build to E3+
10min easy

4.  Tell us about your hardest training day?

Running to the top of Mt Williams in the Grampians in freezing conditions, 811m elevation gain, 23km run, very challenging getting to the top but also very rewarding

5.       What is your biggest tip for new Triathletes leading into a 70.3?

Break the race down, practice your nutrition and don’t forget to smile, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day


World Championship Qualifier Q & A – Chris Scammell

Get an insight into Chris Scammell, aka The White Kenyan’s, training leading into the World Champs… Or any race for that matter. There is a reason he races at such a high level on a consistent basis!

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your 70.3 lead in?

I’m currently running three times, riding three time and swimming twice a week. I’m very limited to the amount of training due to work commitments so I focus on quality over quantity.

2. What type of power sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

I’ve been doing a lot of strength work mid-week on the mag trainer and hill repeats on my weekend long ride

For example

5 x (4 x 1min at E4 and 75rpm / 1min spin float with 5mins E1+ and 90rpm)

3. What are your peak power and FTP values?

Not sure of my current FTP value but before I started my lead in it was around 3.5W/kg with the goal of getting it to 4W/kg or above

4. What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example? 

I have been doing a lot of speed work mid-week… 400m reps that lead into 1km repeats

For example.

10 x 1km reps / 1min walk float
2 each at 4:00/3:50/3:40/3:30/3:20 pace

5. Tell us about your hardest training day?

Depends what you mean by hard…

On paper, it could be a 4hr ride with hill repeats trying to hold power and grinding it out…

It could be walking out the door at 6:30pm in the dark with a headlamp and high vis vest to get a run set in or falling asleep on the couch with the kids at 6:30pm exhausted and finding the motivation to pull the mag trainer out at 8pm to get it done.
All training has challenges and results don’t come easy but if you want something bad enough you do whatever it takes to get it.

6. What is your biggest tip for new Triathletes leading into a 70.3?

Stay consistent in training, keep communication open with your coach, don’t overanalyze and trust the process. Results will come, and, remember to smile when you cross the finish line.


World Championship qualifier Q&A - David Deakin

Deaks loves to train… Check out what he has been up to leading into the World Champs!

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your 70.3 lead in?

The lead in was across the winter training block so it was a combination of strength and power.

Typically 4 swims, 3 rides and 4 runs plus some gym work

2.       What type of power sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

The 2 x 50Min TT efforts hurt, just learn to hang onto the suffering!

3.       What are your peak power and FTP values?

310watts FTP. Peak power, 1024 Watts

4.       What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?

Im a runner so like to get out and run!

4 runs usually
- 1 hr tempo run at E3 off the back of the big Tuesday bike session
- Recovery 40 min easy the day after
- Brutal track sets on a Thursday, sometimes up to 20km
- A long 1.5hr strength run in the hills on the weekend


5.  Tell us about your hardest training day?

Oooo Hard to say, had a time in Ironman training where I rang the coach in tears, and his only answer was.. now you’re ready! 

But in this block I think we had just done a 6hr hilly ride on the Tuesday and then did 20 x 400M efforts at track on Thursday.. I remember collapsing over the line at 15… the bike set in the afternoon wasn’t pretty..!
6.       What is your biggest tip for new Triathletes leading into a 70.3?

They say you keep improving for 10 years from where you start so, im 5 in, so still just a beginner.

Consistency and patience is key, just keep turning up and the results will come…