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ETPA All Schools Q&A

Benjamin McShanag

Note: Ben had some pretty intense medical issues leading over the last 6 months and has been in and out of hospital over this period. He is on the mend now, but that is some context surrounding the following. Great work Ben!

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming leading into the nationals?

At my best point before my hospital visit I was doing 5 swims, 4 rides and 4 run a week. More recently it’s been 3 swims, 3 rides and 2-3 runs a week.

2. What type of ride sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

With rides, anywhere between 40-100 km down the back of the airport, beach road or the loop near Yarra bend. Rarely got on the mag as it’s pretty tortuous by yourself. 

3. What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?  

For my run leg I like to do the ‘Mona Fartlek’, which is a 20min run set as follows:

2x(90secs on/off)

4x(60secs on /off)

4x(30secs on/off)

4x(15secs on/off)

Sometimes I would also go to an oval or track and simply do 6×400m efforts 

4.  Tell us about your hardest training day?

My hardest training day was just after coming out of hospital and trying to run again. It was absolutely hopeless and put me off running for a few weeks, but as I slowly got off the steroids and got some aerobic training back in swimming, eventually I became strong enough to run again.

5.  What does winning mean for you?    

Unfortunately I have never won a tri, my best ever being second. It’s a real shame because I had a good chance this year but when that race was happening I was sick in hospital. Oh well. For me I suppose winning would mean all the hard work has paid off, and I think success motivates you to work even harder because you become addicted to that feeling of doing well. 

6. What is your biggest tip for other juniors leading into their first triathlon?

Relax. It’s your first race, you’re not expected to know how to approach or do anything. That only comes with experience. Find your bearings in the first race and figure out what pace you will be able to approach the next race with.


Challenge Melbourne 2018 Results

Well the weather was pretty much perfect on Sunday for the 2018 edition of Challenge Melbourne and the ETPA athletes made the most of it with some great performances. This included lots of PBs. Along with this we had some podiums, first timers and comeback races.

Jason Sharp lead the way with a PB of over 30mins and a solid and consistent race day performance. With splits of 27mins, 2hrs 20min, and 1hr 35mins its safe to say he nailed it! 4hrs 28mins overall.. Well done and congrats Jase. Congrats too to Cam Atchinson, Shaun Miller, Mark Deagan. John Shiels, Marc primrose and to Penny Tomkinson and Carolyn Tonelli for snagging 3rd place along with their personal best times. Great effort by Brett Jacobson on his first race of this distance as well.

me n jase

Full results below including sneaky podiums by old sparring partners Mat Tippett and Dennis Neal in the sprint. Special mention to Aimee Dow after her comeback to racing.

Half Ironman
Paul Scheffer, 5.14 – 10min PB
Shaun Miller, 5.40 – PB!
Jason Sharp, 4.28 – >30min PB!
Brett Jacobson, 5.05 – first timer!
Penny Tomkinson, 5.50 – PB and 3rd AG
Shay McLeod, 4.25
Cam Atchinson, 4.27 – big PB!
Joe Michael – DNF
Amanda Wilson – DNF
John Shiels, 4.25 – PB!
Mark Deagan, 4.40 – PB!
Marc Primrose, 5.05 – PB!
Anthony Egan, 4.54
David Deakin – DNF
Carolyn Tonelli, 5.04 – PB and 3rd AG

Team ETPA – Kodey Hodgson/Robert Kostadinovic/Matt Sullivan – 4.28
Team – Sam Friedman (swim), Dani Jansse (run) – 4.25 – 3rd
Team 32gi – Jamie Edwards (Swim) – 3.43 – 1st Overall


Jordan Chapman, 1.37
Aimee Dow, 1.53
Josh Lombard, 1.49
Jess Baker, 2.02
Mat Tippett, 1.33, 3rd AG
Dennis Neal, 1.32 – 1st AG
Moira Pasquali, 2.24


ETPA All Schools Q&A:

Ashley Tonelli

1.   How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your  lead in?

Swimming 4 times a week, running and riding 3 times a week (each)

2.   What type of ride sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

A hard brick set would be riding 5 mins max on mag trainer then sprinting 400m, repeating 4-5 times

3.    What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?  

A track set example 2×200, 2×400 then 4×200, all at max. Plus warm up and cool down

4.   Tell us about your hardest training day?
Thursdays are the hardest as I have a hard track set in the morning, then a mag trainer session after school

5.   What does winning mean for you?             

I don’t think about winning, I just try my best each time and hope it gets me a win                           

6.   What is your biggest tip for other juniors leading into their first triathlon?

Don’t be scared!


ETPA All Schools Q&A

Jack Mitchell

1. How many times a week were you riding/running and swimming in your race lead in?

I was riding only once a week on the weekend as a long ride but did a ride/brick during the week. I was swimming 4-5 times a week, including 1 with the local swim squad, and was running 3 times week, plus the brick.

2.       What type of ride sets were you doing? Can you give us an example of one?

My ride sets are just usually long rides with a group.

My brick ride sets were:

10mins warm run then spin then going into

1x3min effort at rpe 15/2mins spin float, with a transition as race day into running

2×200 MAX efforts/200m walk float.

Repeated from 2 – 4 times depending on the week.

3.       What type of run sets were you doing? Can you give us an example?  

This one’s a Thursday morning track set.

As follows: 10min warm up run then

4x400m efforts on 78sec/200m walk float, 1km easy jog, 4x400m efforts in less than 78sec/200m walk float, 1km easy jog, into 2x200m efforts on 35sec/200m walk float.

Finished with a 10min jog down.

4.  Tell us about your hardest training day?

It was a frosty morning wearing a few layers and the main set was 1min at rpe 13/16/19 x 6. My heart reached mid to low 190’s. I collapsed at the end of the last 1min was laying down for about 5mins. I was still breathing heavy during the cool down walk and was sore for days afterwards! A session I dreaded whenever I saw it!

Also, just recently the main set at one of our swim squad sessions was 15×200’s.

5. What does winning mean for you?  

Winning to me is executing my race plan under pressure, no matter the result. I know I will always be happy with my race if I execute my race plan with what I had that day. Obviously wanting to win or podium is important. Executing my race will always make me satisfied.

6.       What is your biggest tip for other juniors leading into their first triathlon?

Enjoy it!! Having fun and wanting to do it again is fundamental to a long-term relationship with the sport to guarantee longevity and no burnouts.

Results! Big Weekend at 2XU Series Finale…

What a great weekend down in St Kilda for the final race of the 2XU race. We had athletes racing over all distances with some great individual performances, comebacks, training days and podiums as well.

squad on point


Peter Graham, 2.35
Chris Scammell, 2.11
Ahmed Mourad, 3.05 – First Timer!
Shaun Miller, 2.49
Brett Jacobson, 2.36 – First Timer!
Penny Tomkinson, 2.47
Matt Sullivan, 2.11 – 5th AG
Amanda Wilson, 2.11 – 1st FOpen
Carl Fannon, 2.06
Carolyn Tonelli, 2.34
David Deakin, 2.26
John Shiels, 2.08
Gary Nicholls, 2.33
Melissa Wilson, 2.43 – First Timer!
Cam Atchinson, 2.18 – 2.18 – 4th M15-19
Wayne Heathcote, 2.54
Kodey Hodgson, 2.25 – 1st FJElite
Amanda Thompson, 2.29
Dale Phelan, 2.32



Jordan Chapman, 1.20
Ella Walsgott, 1.36
Declan Dooley, 1.19
Oscar Dart, 1.12 – 3rd OMale
Ben Lyons, 1.27
Angus Dart, 1.29
Nick Frisby, 1.23

darts and friz


Xander Schmitz, 55.38
Jaci Testro, 59.57 – 3rd F50+
Ash Tonelli, 49.37 – 2nd F12-13
Ruthie Kimpton, 54.22 – 3rd F40-49
Bevan Holder, 46.41


Also, Corey Webster completed the Murray to Moyne (he rode 300+km over the weekend)

Well done all!

From a Coaches Perspective: Stress

A thought on stress…

In a nutshell, stress is stress – no matter whether it’s from exercise or from lifestyle, and the more stress you’re placing on yourself from your lifestyle, the less stress you’ll be able to place on yourself from exercise. – Ben Greenfield

Age groupers should work with their coach to manage their loads

- Be realistic about your goals and time availability each week for training and other non negotiable tasks

- Plan each week in advance

- Plug in non negotiable work commitments, family commitments and sleep first

- Look for time pockets in each week where you are available to train and plug your key sessions in first

- In days and weeks of high stress train a little easier and a little shorter to accommodate for this

- Remember, for most of us training is a hobby that we enjoy and should be something we do for fun… keep it that way!

Jamie Edwards

ETPA Triathlon Coach

Geelong 70.3 2018 Results

Geelong 70.3 is one the great races on the calendar and always a big day for ETPA. A tough little course and generally some adverse weather conditions for good measure… but not the 2018 edition!

team ETPA


Great conditions and some great performances from the squad. Special mention to our first timer, Anthony Cooley, on a great day out and also all those who PB’d. We had some comebacks and a few podiums as well. Well done to Kelly Miller for 2nd and a world champs spot, Carolyn Tonelli, Miah Franzmann, and our mixed team.


Countdown is now on for rest of 2XU series, Challenge Melb, Ironman Port Mac and Cairns in June.

Happy training!


Michael Lacorcia, 5.15
John Dickson, 4.56 – 4th AG
Bassam Hallak, 6.20
Peter Graham, 5.42
Paul Scheffer, 5.36
Jason Sharp, 5.01 – PB!
Cam Atchinson, 4.53 – PB! – 7th AG
Anthony Cooley, 5.23 – First timer!
Kelly Miller, 5.09 – PB! 2nd AG and WC Qualifier!
Carl Fannon – DNF
Amanda Wilson, 4.39 – 6th FPro
Carolyn Tonelli, 5.19 – 2nd AG
Gary Nicholls, 5.33 – 8th AG
Anthony Egan, 5.14 – 8th AG
Joe Michael, 5.29
John Shiels, 4.46 – 8th AG
Mark Deagan, 4.43 – 7th AG
Marc Primrose, 5.26 – PB!
Miah Franzmann, 5.09 – 2nd AG
David Deakin, 4.48 – PB
Jess Baker, 6.37

Team ETPA – 4.36 – 2nd Mixed team
Amanda (30.29) / Robert (2.36) / Jamie (1.22)


Red Tail Ridge Trail Run Sat Feb 17th 2018 

10 km

Kleigh Hathaway 1:07:56 2nd AG
Mike Davis 53:37 6th AG

Half Marathon

Angela Kay 2:04:22 6th AG
Camille Gomez 2:17:24 10th AG
Stephen Banbury 1:51:34 5th AG

ETPA Juniors at the forefront of School Sport Victoria selections

Elite Triathlon Performance Australian is proud to announce that four of our junior athletes have been selected for the School Sport Victoria Triathlon team.  Kodey Hodgson, Ash Tonelli, Ben McShanag and Declan Dooley will all compete at the Australian Open Schools Triathlon and Australian Schools Triathlon Festival as well as the SSA Triathlon Championships in Sydney later this year.

Kodey Hodgson:

Kodey Hodgson

Kodey is a developing high performance athlete. Her work ethic in training is of a very high standard and we are seeing this translate into solid race day performances. As per all other juniors, Kodey mixes Triathlon with school, social and family. She does a remarkable job of combining all facets of her life in a sustainable way. Keep an eye out for Kodey as she develops into a truly high performance athlete. Her legs are still very new to the sport of triathlon and it is only a matter of time until she is winning events.

Ash Tonelli:

Ash Tonelli

Ash Tonelli comes from a great pedigree in sports performance. Her whole family are high performers and Ash is no different. Without a doubt, the raw talent Ash has will enable her to develop into a great athlete. Ash brings a great energy to our junior group training program and a fierce determination to succeed.

Ben McShanag:

Ben McShanag

Ben is still finding his feet as a triathlete but is always eager to learn and has a lot of fun with his training and racing. With a busy school and social schedule Ben pushed himself early in the qualifying season to accumulate points. This paid off with illness affecting the later part of his season. Enjoy the experience Ben!

Declan Dooley:

Declan Dooley

Declan, the Hockey playing Triathlete, has developed far beyond our expectation in only our first year of coaching him.  He is a surprise packet and is only now really understanding his own potential. This kid is a future star, keep an eye out for him!

This is a great outcome for our program and ETPA couldn’t be prouder of what our athletes are achieving.

The networked approach between coaches, athletes and our supporting partners at Bounce Health Group and Evolution Cycles contributes to the ongoing success of our athletes.

Want to know more about how we can help you achieve your goals? Call us now on 0414303464 and have a chat with Mat.

2XU Elwood, Glenelg and more… Weekend race results!

Epic Weekend on racing across three states!

We love sharing such a diverse range of results from a diverse range of athletes.

Great work all who donned the race kit this weekend, but also those that ticked the legs (and arms) over this weekend building for events later in the season / year!

National Series round two – Glenelg

Oscar Dart, 3rd Junior Male, 54:56
Kodey Hodgson, 27th Junior Female, 1:07
Ella Walsgott, 30th Youth Female, 46:42


2XU Elwood

Jess Baker, 1.34 – 2nd Athena
Gaius Robertson-Christie, 1.02 – 1st Junior Male
Declan Dooley, 1.07 – 1st Youth Male
Jack Mitchell, 1.14 – 5th Youth Male
Kodey Hodgson, 1.10 – 2nd F15-19
Wayne Heathcote, 1.29
Jordan Chapman, 1.11 – 3rd Junior Male
Michael Lacorcia, 1.12
Corey Webster, 1.15
Sophie Findlay, 1.19
Matt Sullivan, 1.05 – 3rd M20-24
Brett Jacobson, 1.20
Kane Southwell, 1.07
Penny Tomkinson, 1.28

gaius and jordan

Active Feet

Ash Tonelli, 41.46 – 3rd F12-13
Moira Pasquali, 57.06
Xander Schmitz, 45.46


Canberra OD (World Qualifier)

Wayne Heathcote, 3.00

Bridgewater Tri

Lucas Bell, 1.04

Bridgewater Duathlon

Melissa Phillips, 1.20



2XU DUathlon – St Kilda + Pier to Pub Results!

Comprehensive Program Strategies

Our squad fired on Sunday at 2XU race 3. Two overall race wins, AG race wins, AG podiums and first time success. The reason why our athletes succeed so regularly is comprehensive and flexible planning. While a large portion of the racing community were grappling with the changes from Triathlon to Duathlon yesterday, our athletes were ready to execute, regardless of the unique race conditions placed upon them. It’s a credit to the coaches and the athletes alike.

Performance Diagnostics and Implementation

Amanda Wilson took line honours yesterday in the OD race with a dominant performance. We have all watched as this athlete has transitioned from AG racing into  fully fledged professional racing. Her performance gains this summer are no surprise to the people behind the scenes. The last 12 months has seen Amanda complete an overall training and racing audit that forced change in her programming and is now delivering the performance gains we all hope for as athletes. Kudos to Amanda for a well planned and thought out winter of preparation work. Also big wraps for Amanda as she enters the world of coaching on a traineeship with ETPA. Amanda just coached her sister to a 7th in AG in the sprint yesterday. Congrats!

Notable mention to Declan Dooley, taking his first overall win in the sprint event yesterday. Declan turned on the leg speed in the second run to put 10 seconds into the field and in doing so stands himself on the top step. Congrats Declan!


Welcome back to racing to Damion Pingel as well – well done mate.
2XU Triathlon Series

Sprint (3.5/26/5)

Matt Sullivan, 1.15 – 2nd AG
Brett Jacobson, 1.32
Oscar Dart, 1.09 – 9th MElite
Michael Lacorcia, 1.26
Peter Graham, 1.32
Damion Pingel, 1.44
Melissa Wilson, 1.37
Polly Dhar, 1.51
Corey Webster, 1.22 – 3rd Junior
Jordan Chapman, 1.20 – 2nd Junior
Kodey Hodgson, 1.28 – 3rd FJunior
Gaius Robertson Christie, 2.31

SSV Sprint

Declan Dooley, 57.04 – 1st overall
Jack Mitchell, 1.01 – 7th AG
Ted Murphy, 1.00 – 6th AG
Ash Tonelli, 3rd SSV 12-13

OD (7/40/10)

Amanda Wilson, 2.13 – 1st Female Overall
Carl Fannon, 2.11 – 1st AG
Carolyn Tonelli, 2.40 – 2nd AG
Miah Franzmann, 2.30 – 2nd AG
David Deakin, 2.24
Des O Sullivan, 2.23
Mark Deagan, 2.25
John Shiels, 2.11 – 1st AG
Paul Scheffer, 2.44
Joe Michael, 2.28


Pier to Pub

Bassam Hallak, 19.52 for 1.2k and 1.38 for 5k
Michael Brennan, 25.36 for 1.2k and 1.57 for 5k
Jaci Testro, 22.11 for 1.2k
Nicole Donegan, 30.02 for 1.2k

Mountain to surf

Bassam Hallak, 41.13
Amanda Thompson, 35.55
Nicole Donegan, 52.21
Jaci Testro, 55.12
Two Bays Trail Run, 55k

Mal Joseland, 5.03 – 5th Male