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2XU Elwood, Glenelg and more… Weekend race results!

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Epic Weekend on racing across three states!

We love sharing such a diverse range of results from a diverse range of athletes.

Great work all who donned the race kit this weekend, but also those that ticked the legs (and arms) over this weekend building for events later in the season / year!

National Series round two – Glenelg

Oscar Dart, 3rd Junior Male, 54:56
Kodey Hodgson, 27th Junior Female, 1:07
Ella Walsgott, 30th Youth Female, 46:42


2XU Elwood

Jess Baker, 1.34 – 2nd Athena
Gaius Robertson-Christie, 1.02 – 1st Junior Male
Declan Dooley, 1.07 – 1st Youth Male
Jack Mitchell, 1.14 – 5th Youth Male
Kodey Hodgson, 1.10 – 2nd F15-19
Wayne Heathcote, 1.29
Jordan Chapman, 1.11 – 3rd Junior Male
Michael Lacorcia, 1.12
Corey Webster, 1.15
Sophie Findlay, 1.19
Matt Sullivan, 1.05 – 3rd M20-24
Brett Jacobson, 1.20
Kane Southwell, 1.07
Penny Tomkinson, 1.28

gaius and jordan

Active Feet

Ash Tonelli, 41.46 – 3rd F12-13
Moira Pasquali, 57.06
Xander Schmitz, 45.46


Canberra OD (World Qualifier)

Wayne Heathcote, 3.00

Bridgewater Tri

Lucas Bell, 1.04

Bridgewater Duathlon

Melissa Phillips, 1.20



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